Top DIY 10 Jewelry Projects for Kids

Top DIY 10 Jewelry Projects for Kids

If your kids love fashion and DIY projects then you are in the right place.There are some really awesome and incredible DIY jewelry projects for kids that will keep them busy for a long time and the end result is a beautiful and functional piece of jewelry. These tutorials give the kids an opportunity to use their creativity and make their own fashion statement.

1. Diy hair clips

You can spice up your boring black and brown hair clips with these cheap and easy diy hair clips which are perfect for kids to make and wear. Details here!

Diy hair clips

2. DIY Headbands

The possibilities are endless when it comes to homemade headbands. They are also very easy and quick to make and they are also very practical that always come in handy.Details here!

DIY Headbands

3. No Sew Fabric Flowers

Want to make some no sew flowers for your craft project? This tutorial will show you how easy it really is make no sew fabric flowers yourself. Details here!

No Sew Fabric Flowers

4. DIY horse necklaces

These necklaces are very easy and inexpensive to make and are suitable to wear in all occasions for kids. This is a fun project for kids in all ages. Details!

DIY horse necklaces

5. Disney Princess Necklaces

Girls love everything and anything to do with princesses so this makes a perfect project for girls. These princess necklace designs are inexpensive and easy to make. Princess necklaces would be perfect for party favors, trip to Disneyland or finishing touch to a princess costume. Details!

Disney Princess Necklaces

6. Retro Button Necklace

Buying necklaces can be very expensive so it is much cheaper and much more fun to make your own necklaces. Why not make a retro button necklace? Details!

Retro Button Necklace

7. DIY Gumball Necklaces!

Why not make a necklace that you can eat? If your kids are not into DIY projects then they will certainly love this one.It is really an ingenious idea. Details here!

DIY Gumball Necklaces

8. Rubber Band Bracelets

Bracelets are fun to make, wear and given as gifts for others. If you really love friendship bracelets and DIY jewelry then this is a project you certainly need to try. Details!

Rubber Band Bracelets

9. Tubular Glitter Bracelets

Science meets fashion in this fabulous DIY project where you can make fantastic tubular glitter bracelets. I am sure that all girls love how these bracelets look when they are done. Details here!

Tubular Glitter Bracelets

10. Duct Tape & Fabric Rings

This DIY project is easy and quick to make with very few materials needed. It is suitable for all kids and limited only by their imagination. Details here!

Duct Tape & Fabric Rings

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