Top 15 DIY Bohemian Fashion Items! 

 December 23, 2019

By  Anna

If you love the Boho or Bohemian style then we have something in common. It is really a great look and easy to do actually for yourself. There are some really awesome DIY Boho style projects you can do that will add lots of style to your wardrobe. Here is a list of amazing Boho style crafting ideas that will keep you bust for a while.

1.Jean Cutoff Shorts

These Boho style shorts are really amazing and a perfect DIY project to do for the summer season! Details.

2. Lace Cut Off Shorts

There are lots of different types of shorts you can make in Boho style and the lace cut off shorts are something you need to have for summer. They really look fancy! Details.

3. DIY No Sew Slip Dress

This easy slip dress looks just as good, if not better, than some fancy and expensive designer dress. Details!

4. Awesome BOHO Style Kimono

This awesome Kimono is very versatile and can be worn as a dress or with jeans and T-shirt. Details!

5. Boho Crochet Crop Top

This sexy crochet crop top would be perfect to wear with cut off jeans on a hot summer day. This outfit would certainly turn some heads. Details!

6. Sexy Boho Mini Dress

This crochet mini dress is really amazing because it can be untied at the waist and can be converted to an over-sized dress. Details!

7.DIY Fringe Jean Jacket

If you want to have a jacket that really stands out then this fringe jean jacket would be the perfect choice. If you have an old jean jacket around then you can get started right away with this. Details!

8. Crochet Boho Fringe Cowl

This crochet cowl is not only comfortable to wear but it also fits with all types of clothing and is easy to make as well. Details!

9. Dip-Dye Side Split Maxi Skirt

If you are looking for something new and interesting to try then try dip dyeing. You can make this wonderful side split maxi skirt that way and it will be worth a little DIY. Details!

10. Boho-Maxi Dress For Girls

Here is a awesome DIY project you can do with your daughter and she will love it. This Boho style maxi dress will turn out fantastic and a great way to spend some quality time together. Details!

11. Bohemian Hippie Pants

If you are looking for comfortable pants that are easy to make then you need to make bohemian hippy pants. Details!

12. DIY Boho Maxi Dress

Looking for a simple projects to get your hands on? Then try this Boho style maxi dress. It is easy to make and looks stunning. Details!

13.Bohemian Beach Skirt

If you want to have your own bohemian style beach skirt then this easy tutorial will teach you how to do it. Details!

14. Make a Long Free-spirited Drawstring Skirt

If you really want to have a Bohemian Hippy-style chick look then you need to make this drawstring skirt. This skirt will really give you the Boho look for sure. Details!

15. Beginner Boho Blouse

If you want to sew a really cute boho-style top then follow this great tutorial and you will have your very own DIY Boho blouse. Details!


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