Top 15 Clothing Hacks, Tips and Tricks! 

 December 22, 2019

By  Anna

If you have clothing in your wardrobe that for some reason don’t fit or work like you want then you can either buy new clothes or make due with what you have. Buying new clothes can become really expensive therefore it is better to learn some really innovative and genius clothing hacks that turn ordinary clothing items into something new and exciting. Learning these cool hacks will certainly benefit you!

1.How to keep loose zippers up!

Some jeans just have annoying zippers that don’t stay up and it is really annoying. Here is a cool solution to this zipper problem.Source!

2.Stretching Tight Jeans

If you have a pair of jeans you really love but they happen to get a little tight then what to you do? Well, you do this! Source!

3. Getting Rid Of Deodorant Stains

It is a common problem that occurs and you really need to know the best way to get rid of deodorant stains the right way. Source!

4. Bra Strap Concealer

Certain tops just don’t hide the bra strap at all and if you don’t want to have your bra strap revealed then you can try this neat little trick. Source!

5. Double-Hangers

If you want to save some closet space or connect hangers into per-planned outfits then try this hack. Source!

6. Un-Shrinking Your Clothes

It sometimes happens that you throw a perfectly fitting pair of jeans into the drier and they shrink down. It is really annoying but there is a coolhack to un-shrink your clothes again! Source!

7. De-Pill Your Clothing

Pilling, as you may know, is the balling up of fibers on clothing. It is really annoying when it happens but there is a really easy solution for it. And that is shave your outfit. Source!

8. De-Wrinkle without an Iron

Here is a non-iron method of getting rid of those pesky wrinkles if you don’t happen to have an iron at hand. Source!

9. Organizing Shirts and Drawers

Using drawers to store your T-shirts can work really well if you know how to organize them. Stacking them doesn’t really work because you can’t see what’s what. This is a great solution for this. Source!

10. Removing Sweat Stains From Clothes!

We all hate those yellow ugly sweat stains that ruin the clothes. There are some really awesome DIY methods to remove the sweat stains effectively and quickly. Source!

11.Draped Vest

Draped Vests during the summertime are really awesome and fit really well. It is actually very easy and simple to make them yourself from old clothing. Source!

12. Dress Makeover DIY

It is actually very easy to give your old dress a cool makeover without doing too much cutting and sewing. This is a great example of that. Source!

13. Comfortable Tights

Stockings seem to give lots of women the awful muffin top and it is really not fun. Here is a little trick to help get rid of this. Source!

14. Stop Shorts From Riding Up

It can be really frustrating when during your workouts the shorts you are wearing keep riding up. Luckily there is a amazing hack that helps to end this nightmare once and for all. Source!

15. Dipped Denim Jeans

There isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to jeans and if you really want your jeans to stand out then you have to do a little DIY. Here is a cool way to add a little personality to your plain jeans. Source!


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