Top 15 Awesome DIY Clay Dishes To Make 

 December 29, 2019

By  Anna

Crafting something yourself from start to finish is great and I love it. There are countless things you can do but making your own clay dishes is special. you have total freedom with your creativeness and you will never make the same exact dish twice. Every piece you make is unique and that adds to the value. Here in this list you will find 20 awesome ideas for your next clay dish project. I hope you get some really good ideas and have lots of fun making the clay dishes.

DIY Clay Ring Dish

This is a project you can do in one afternoon because it is simple. You can invite some friends over and have fun together. Details!

2. Metallic Leaf Trinket Dish

This project is obviously inspired by nature and autumn. This dish just looks so awesome that it has to be done.Details!


3. Rolled Dish

Rolled dishes are really easy and relaxing to make with polymer clay and it is useful to have rolled dishes around your house for small things you might drop to the ground and lose. Details!

4. Clay palm leaf dish

This project might take a bit of work but the design of the palm leaf looks really great. Source!

5. Pink Stamped Dish

To make this dish you need air dry clay, some stamps and ink pads. A great project to work on when the weather is not great. Source!

6. Rainbow Dish

If you have polymer clay, rolling pins and a knife then you can easily make the rainbow dish that looks super colorful. Source!

7. The Unicorn mug

This unicorn mug is a great personalized gift and it is easy to make as well. It is easy to draw a unicorn even if you don’t have any drawing skills. Source!

8. Marbled Ring Dishes

If you want to make something really pretty then this is the perfect project. These marbled ring dishes really come out looking awesome. Details!

9. Sharpie Mug

When making mugs it is really essential to make sure they are dishwasher safe. But you will find good tips to stop that from happening when following these instructions. Details!

10. Tropical Jewelry Dish

Jewelry dishes do come in handy and why not make your own personalized one. The instructions are in French so you need to use a translator or just know French. Details!

11. Flower Dish

In this project you can use different colors for the flowers and for the mold you can use flower shaped cookie molds. Source!

12. Palm Leaf Ring Dish

Palm leaf base would make for a great ring dish, plus it is really easy and fun to make. Source!

13. DIY Watercolor Bowl

These little bowls are really cute and would fit perfectly on your coffee table. You can just go wild with the colors as well! Source!

14. DIY Stacking Clay Bowls

Watercolors and plymer clay canwork really well together. These cte and functional stacking bowls come in handy for sure.Details!

15. Rocket Pop Desk Organizer

This is a great project to work on during long and cold winter evenings. These desk organizers are functional as well and can also be given away as a gift if you happen to make too many. Details!


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