Top 10 Sewing Hacks For Beginners 

 December 21, 2019

By  Anna

If you are just discovering the sewing for yourself and how cool and wonderful it can be then you surely need to know the basics of sewing. There are lots of cool and really essential sewing hacks and tips that make things a lot easier and quicker. So take the time to go through the beginner hacks here and hopefully these will help you out and make you a better sewer.

1.Double Needle Thread Hack

Making double stitches is really important useful in many cases. If you have this skill then it will make life much easier and it really takes sewing to a higher level. Details!

2. Gathering Fabric the Easy Way

Keeping the fabric in line and getting a great ruffle at the same time can be a real challenge. This is a really useful tip to successfully and easily make it happen. Details!

3. Pinning button holes

Sewing a button hole can be really frustrating, especially if you happen to sewn the button hole right up. This hack helps you to avoid this and make a great button hole fast.Details!

4. The Serger Thread Hack

If you have a serger then you really need this hack because it saves you time and money. It is a really useful hack, especially if you want to take your sewing to a more advanced level. Details!

5. Learning Stay Stitching!

when you are working with certain type of fabric and work with curved edges then you need to use the stay stitching technique. Details!

6. Doing Seams Without A Serger Machine

The seams that are done on a serger are strong and neat but they are really expensive. Fortunately there are hacks that help you get the same result without the use of the serger machine. Details!

7. Finishing The Top Of Zippers Hack

Working with zippers is certainly not easy, especially finishing the top of zippers. In order to get a functional and professional outcome you really need to know what you are doing. Details here!

8. Organizing Sewing Pins

Organizing your pins is one of the important steps to successful sewing. You really don’t want them falling on the floor and out of reach. Using a glue magnet and a shallow bowl is a great hack to organize your sewing pins! Details.

9. Preventing Thread Tangles

Handing sewing can be really tricky if you have only used machine sewing and in order to prevent thread tangles when hand sewing, you need to know a really useful hack for it. The trick is to coat the thread with beeswax. Details!

10. Mark Seam Allowance Hack

Very often you need to add seem allowances yourself because many patterns don’t include them.This hack will make sure the seam is uniform throughout! Details!


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