Top 10 Repurposed Flea Market Ideas For Your Home

Top 10 Repurposed Flea Market Ideas For Your Home!

Turning something seemingly worthless to something beautiful, unique and practical is a real skill. It is easy to buy new furniture and other stuff in stores because it is easy but it is not fun, challenging or exciting. Once you have gone to the flea market and found some item you liked and turned itit into something valuable and practical then it can become kind of an addiction. If you love going to the flea market and if you love DIY then you will find these 10 repurposed flea market ideas really valuable.

1. Turn an old end table into a Lego table!

If you have been to several flea markets then you have surely seen end tables and now you can find a really ingenious use for them by making it into a LEGO table. If you have little kids who like to play with Legos then this would be a perfect choice. Source

2. Transform an old and ragged dresser into a book and magazine storage

It is very easy to find old dressers in practically any flea market. If you have lots of books in your house then you can take this old dresser and re purpose it for your books and magazine. That way your books and magazines are always there when you need them and easy to reach. Source.

3. Turn an old rusty lantern into a functional lamp!

Lanterns are also an item which can be found in many flea markets and usually people don’t find a good use to them. One option is to turn an old lantern into a lamp you can actually use in your house. It seems such a great way to find a use for an old lantern instead of buying a new one online. Plus you can add your own unique touch to the lamp as well. Source

4. Make a bathroom shelf out of old window shutters

At first it might seem like there is no need for an old shutter and it is easy to throw things like that away but wait for just a moment. Every house needs a pretty and functional shelf. so why not make the shelf out of an old shutter? It is another great DIY project for your home. Source

5. Make cute hangers out of old drawer fronts

I find it really rewarding if I can find something from a flea market and with some ingenious DIY, I can make really practical stuff out of them. There always needs to be hangers in the house and one way to make hangers is to use old drawer fronts. This is something to try if you ever feel you need more hangers. Source

6. Make a stylish Centerpiece out of Victrola boxes

You never know what you are going to find in a yard sale or flea market. Sometimes you find nothing, other times you find something you can out to use right away and sometimes you find something that you buy but can’t find a purpose for yet. As time goes by and you get a good idea you can find a use for it. Making a unique and classy centerpiece out of Victrola boxes in such an idea. Source.

7. Make a unique coffee table out of an vintage suitcase

There are tons of coffee tables you can get online and when you go and visit someone then you might find lots of great examples of stunning coffee tables. But I am sure that no one has a coffee table made from a vintage suitcase. So why not be the first and surprise people who come and visit you? Source!

8. Make a bookcase out of an old rowing boat

There are lots of good uses for an old rowing oat but finding a use for it inside the house is a bit more tricky. If you books in your house and you just don’t want to have any old shelf then make a bookcase out of a rowing boat. This will surely surprise everyone who sees it. Source!

9. Repurpose an old bar cart!

If you like to host parties then you really need a bar cart because it is just so functional for bringing food and drinks to your guests. If you have an old bar cart or can find one on a flea market then restore it and you will find it extremely useful then next times you host a party. Source!

10. Make a paper towel holder from a globe stand!

Paper towels are much needed in a house, especially in a house with kids because there is always a mess to clean up. If you have a globe stand in your home or the next time you see one in a yard sale then keep in mind that you can make a perfect paper towel holder out of it. Sometimes you just need a good idea to find a use to a seemingly worthless item. Source!

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