December 28, 2019

By  Anna

Embroided flowers can greatly enhance your clothing and it is worth taking the time to learn embroidery and the various ways to stitch embroidery. There are countless ways to making flowers using embroidery and it can become somewhat confusing. This is exactly why I created this list so you can get some concrete ideas what to do and how to do. Hopefully the result will be worth the effort you put in.

1. Spider web rose

A beautiful rose made by weaving thread over straight stitches made around a point.

Check out 10 ways to embroider roses 

2. Blanket stitch flowers

Blanket stitches used to fill in the flower designs.Source!

3. Sun ray flowers

Straight stitches made around a point.


4. Lazy daisy sprays 

There are many ways to make the lazy daisy sprays, exactly 8 ways. Click here to learn how to make flowers using the lazy daisy stitches.

5. Butterfly stitches Flower

This involves satin stitch which is tied in pairs of 5 stitches or so with a contrasting colored thread.Source!

6. Satin stitched Flower

Close Satin stitches are used to fill the flower designs. Source!

7. Close buttonhole stitch 

Buttonhole stitches are used inside the flowers.

8. Lazy Daisy buds

This stitch is easy to make and it looks awesome as well.

9. Pistil stitch

Pistil stitch is a variation of French Knot and it is worked the same way as the french knot. Source!

10. French knot flowers

These knots are very versatile and can make many types of flowers and are commonly used to fill the center of flowers. Instructions!

11. Bullion roses

Bullion knot stitches arranged in a slanting angle around a french knot. Instructions!

12. Blanket stitch flowers

Blanket stitches are made in the form of a fan in this particular image.Source!

13. Lazy Daisy flowers

This is a versatile stitch and there are 8 different ways to create the lazy daisy flower. Click here to learn how to do them all.

14. Long and short stitch flowers

To do these type of flowers it is really necessary to learn how to long and short stitches that are best suited for filling stitches. Click here to learn this.

15. Lazy daisy Tulips

The lazy daisy tulips are created by making a detached chain stitch upside down and then work one straight stitches through the loop of the detached chain stitch which shows up as the v shaped petals. Source!

16. Herringbone stitch flowers

The flowers can be filled with herringbone stitches on the face of the fabric because if the are used on the back of the fabric it will show up as a shadow and outline stitches on the flower design. Source!

17. Chain stitch filled flowers

In a chain stitch the outline is done and then the inside part is filled with rows of chain stitches and it is made out of thick strands. Source!

18. Cross stitch flowers

To make this beautiful cross stitch flower you first need to learn the cross stitch. Click here to learn this.

19. Bullion rosebuds

2 Bullion knots are arranged together to look like a rose bud.

20. Pinwheels

When making pinwheels blanket stitches are made in a circle around a point.


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