Top 15 Paper Bag Craft Ideas for Children and Adults! 

 November 9, 2019

By  Anna

A brown paper bags that are laying around in the house are actually a very versatile and crafty material for creative DIY crafting projects. If you are looking for some crafting projects to do with your children then this is a really easy and cheap project. There are some creative and fancy ideas in this list for sure.

1. Grocery Bag Paper Crown

With this project you can really go over the top and let your creativity flow. There are so many unique ways to make a grocery bag paper crowns and lots of different materials that can be used as well. Details here!

2.Paper Bag PiƱata

It is a fantastic projects for all kinds of celebrations and you can use all kinds of stuff that is around the house. It is very simple to make and also lots of fun for both kids and adualts. Details here!

3. Faux Wood Plank Floors

Looking for an unique way to re-purpose your paper bag? Why not turn brown paper into faux wood floor planks? Seems like a crazy idea but it actually works. This is not only a fun project but actually very practical as well. Details here!

4. Leaf Lantern Tutorials

A leaf lantern is the perfect DIY crafting project for the autumn where the weather is colder and days getting shorter. There is nothing better than to work on special DIY project, such as leaf lanterns, when the weather outside is less than inviting. Details here!

5. Make a Paper Vase for Indoor Greenery

Add more style to your houseplants with ordinary brown paper bags. It is a ingenious and easy way to bring more style to your generally ordinary and boring houseplants. Details here!

6. DIY Paper Bag Bouquets

DIY Paper Bag Bouquets are a really great gifts for Valentine’s Day or if your are planning to visit someone. It adds some unique touch to the flowers and leaves a great impression. Details here!

7. Faux Leather Vase

The really magic of DIY projects is that you can take ordinary household materials and make something really unique from them. A brown paper bag can be used to bring your ordinary glass vase to life and give it a completely new look. Details here!

8. DIY Paper Bag Football

if the weather is bad and your kids don’t want to go outside to play then they can easily play and have great fun inside. A paper football is really soft so it does no damage inside the house and the kids can get some fun and exercise inside the house. Details here!

9. Paper Bag Pirate Craft for Kids

What kid doesn’t love a pirate? A paper bag pirate is a project that the kids can really have fun with, not only because it is just cool, but because it is also a puppet. The kids can use their creativity to create all sorts of different pirates and then play with them for hours on end. Details here!

10. End of School Treat for Classmates

Is the school about to end for your kids? Then why not make something really unique and memorable to give away to their classmates to celebrate the end of the school year? Details here!

11. DIY Origami Paper Pendant Lamp Shade

Make a gorgeous pendant lamp shade from a grocery bag. If you are planning to add a special touch to your house that will catch the eye of your guests then you will certainly get lots of compliments with this origami paper pendant lamp shade. Detail here!

12.Artsy Paper Bag Stars

You can easily add your own artwork to your paper bag stars to make them stand out. These decorations are unique way to showcase children’s art and decorate your home! Details here!

13. Recycle Paper Bags Into a Pretty Fall Wreath

Make a beautiful organic paper wreath by wrapping a foam wreath with crinkled strips of brown paper. Add some orange and golden silk flowers to the wreath for a beautiful autumn themed home decor craft. Details here!

14. How to Make a Paper Bag Book for Kids

If your kids are feeling bored then pull out some leftover grocery bags and get crafting. Use brown paper bags to make books and fill the books with memories and pictures. Details here!

15. Paper Bag Kites

All kids love a kite and you can easily make your own special kite with your own decorations to have fun in the outside. It just take a little bit of crafting some creativity and you are ready to go. Details here!


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