Top 10 Ingenious DIY Home Decor Projects From Fabric

Top 10 Ingenious DIY Home Decor Projects From Fabric

There are lots of great DIY projects you can do from simple fabric that will have a great impact to your home. It doesn’t take expensive materials and products to make your home stand out. If you are planning to make something out of fabric then you can surely find some great ideas and instructions here that will surely help you out and give you ideas you might not even have thought about.

1. Easy no sew Roman Shades

If you want to cover your windows then Roman Shades are a great option and you don’t have to buy them but can make them easily yourself. You don’t have to do any sewing and if you follow the tutorial then you will finish this project in no time at all and have a great looking and functional Roman Shades. Details here!

Easy no sew Roman Shades

2. Fabric Shower Curtain

If you have been looking for a new shower curtain for your shower but have not found the right one because they have been too expensive or just too ugly then why not do it yourself? Making a shower curtain yourself is a great idea and actually not hard to do at all. Details here!

Fabric Shower Curtain

3. One-Piece Envelope Pillows

One of the the favorite ways to use fabric in the house is to make pillow covers and of course there are lots of various tutorials for them and you might even have tried some. I really like tutorials that are easy to follow and can be done in a jiffy and this is exactly what is true with this tutorial. Details here!

One-Piece Envelope Pillows

4. Fabric Accent Wall

If you don’t want to deal with wallpaper then using fabric to cover the walls of your house can be an even better option. It is a simple project and really brings a unique touch to the room. Details here!

Fabric Accent Wall

5. Fabric Storage Baskets

If you want to have more storage area in your house but you don’t want to have a shelving because it is too hard then a fabric storage baskets are a great alternative because they are soft. If you have kids in the house then storage baskets are a great alternative. You can make baskets from different fabrics, sizes and shapes. Details here!

Fabric Storage Baskets

6. Stretched Fabric Wall Decor

Stretched fabric wall decor is a great way to make room stand out. Too often people take a conservative approach to their wall decor. But with the right fabric and DIY know how you can make your room stand out from the rest boring rooms and walls. It is perfect for children’s rooms for example. Details here!

Stretched Fabric Wall Decor

7. Upholstered Headboard

If you love upholstered headboards and are looking for a new DIY project to start then why not make a upholstered headboard yourself? It can be done insanely cheaply and easily and you can choose the fabric you love. Details here!

Upholstered Headboard

8. Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

A fabric covered bulletin board is a fantastic idea for the office or the house. I would even say that a bulletin board is a must have if you have kids in the house. It just takes a small amount of cash and takes very little time. Details here!

9.No Sew Dog Bed

Every dog wants to have their own bed and this dog bed is stylish and special in many ways. It can be the perfect project for the whole family to do something specials for your pets. Details here!

No Sew Dog Bed

10. Hanging Book Storage

If you have a plank wall in your house and you have not come up with a great idea to change that and if you have lots of books in your house then you can easily and creatively combine the two. Hanging book storage is a neat idea and a great way to add more functionality to your home. Details here!

Hanging Book Storage

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