12 Amazing DIY Crafts Projects To Do When Bored At Home! 

 January 2, 2020

By  Anna

We all get bored sometimes at home and can’t think of anything to do except watch TV or watch YouTube videos. These are fun things to do but can get boring really quickly and doing something more productive is needed to keep boredom away. It is always fun and exciting to get started on a crafting project and since there are literally thousands of DIY crafting projects to do, you will never run out of things to do. Here I have created a list of really amazing things to do when you will bored at home.

1. Colorful Fall Leaves

This is a awesome projects if you like to draw and paint. You need coffee filters and markers for this project and kids will love it too.Source!

2. Mosaic Pumpkins

This is a fun and simple crafting project to do with the kids for example.Source!

3. “All About Me” Hats

This project is fun to do when there are lots of kids around like on birthdays. With some supplies and crafting kids can make those fun and quirky hats. Source!

3. Air Dry Clay Recipe

Air dry clay is a wonderful material and it is always useful to have some of it available whenever the kids want to make something out of them. It is possible to make air dry clay from everyday ingredients. Source!

4. Diwali,diya and rangoli sugar cookies

Try out these wonderful themed sugar cookies if you have a sweet tooth! Source!

5. Cardboard Bubble Wrap Octopus

The combination of bubble wraps and wonderful colors makes for a great crafting project! Details.

6. Stacked Book Necklace

A wonderful necklace to make if you love books and necklaces. Source!


If you have preschoolers around then this is a great little crafting project to do with them. Source!


Kids really love to paint and painting with foam shaving cream is even more fun. Source!

9. DIY Nature art bugs

Using leaves and twigs to make nature art bugs is really fun to do! Source!

10. Hand sewn jellyfish craft

Making a jellyfishes and teaching kids about them at the same time is a great way for them to learn. Source!


Kids love slime and here is a great tutorial for making slime without glue! Source!


Bobby pins are absolutely necessary for girls but they look kind of boring and here is a great way to spice them up a little! Source.


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