Top 10 Creative Ways To Reuse Old T-shirts!

Top 10 Creative Ways To Reuse Old T-shirts!

Who doesn’t have old t-shirts in the cupboards that you really don’t want to wear anymore. Instead of throwing them away, why not find creative ways to breath new life into your old T-shirts? Here you will find 10 ideas to reuse your old shirts in your next DIY project.

1. How to Make a GIANT Bean Bag Out of T-shirts!

Step-by-step instructions to make a unique bean bag from old T-shirts. This is a great DIY project to keep yourself busy and have something very practical as an end result. Details

2. Upcycled T-shirt Patch Shorts

if you have kids then you can easily make a unique summer outfit, such as T-shirt patch shorts from old T-shirts.This can be very practical if your kids are very active and getting their clothes dirty. Details

3. Shirt to Leggings Refashion

If you are looking for a quick new DIY clothing project to get your hands on but just don’t know what to do then try make leggings from old shirts? Details here

4. How To Turn A Shirt Into A Cushion Cover

Crafts and upcycling go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s reupholstering a vintage chair, transforming a charity shop find, or simply altering some ill-fitting clothes. Turning a shirt to a cushion cover is a genius idea and a great project to do. Details here

5. T-Shirt Scarves

It has certainly been done before a million times but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done a few million times more. The cool thing is that if you find cool t-shirts with unique patterns and materials then your scarf willalso be unique and stand out. Details here

6. Bag from a Man’s Shirt

Here is a DIY project that might take a bit more time and effort but the outcome is surely fantastic and also very practical. Details here

7. Braided T-Shirt Bracelet

We have all bought clothes we really don’t need because out of an impulse. It feels really good simply to rip-up your shirts that you have never worn and make a braided T-shirt bracelet. Details here

8. How to Make Aprons From Shirts

Refashioned from an old button-down shirt, this apron features coordinating pockets and a colorful waistband for a fashionable twist. Details here

9. Learn how to make these decorative tassels from old unwanted t-shirts. It 15 minutes and you only need a pair of sharp scissors. Detail here

10. How to Make a T-Shirt Pillow

It is not easy to let go of something we have had for along time, even if the piece of clothing is old and worn out. The cool thing is that by up cycling you don’t have to. A T-shirt pillow is a simple way to re-use some of your shirts that still have special meaning for you. Detail here

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