X-treme Scooters Are You Ready To Play? 

 September 8, 2020

By  Anna


No one wants plain electric scooters anymore. They are not looking for your gas scooter of old. What everyone is talking about are the X-Treme Scooters. Scooters dont look like youre grandpas anymore. Today electric scooters are standing up and taking notice. Some scooters, like the X-Treme x-560 are designed to look more like their high-end street bikes.

Your gas scooter that your dad used to mount on an old bike frame has made leaps and bounds over the ages. The gas scooter of today is one of the hottest transportation vehicles out there. The X-Treme XG-550 is a good example. With a 50cc motor, dual front shock system, and the ability to fold down with ease, make this a commuters choice.

Every where you look, you see young and old riding their gas scooter or electric scooters. X-Treme Scooters are versatile, quick and can go the distance.

With growing popularity, X-Treme Scooters is filling that need.

1. X-Treme scooters are versatile: Being versatile means being able to take your scooter just about anywhere. Electric scooters now-a-days have the option to fold down for easy transport or storage. Your granddads couldnt do that. A foldable gas scooter or foldable electric scooters are popular among college students, mariners and campers to name a few.

2. Todays X-Treme Scooters are quick: All X-Treme Scooters are quick for their assigned task. X-Treme Scooters are used for racing, doing tricks, and every day transportation. It is important to note that the speed you get with your x-treme scooter is dependant on such variables as

a. Maintenance: The condition and charge if electric, of the scooter always check tire pressure, oil/grease chain. If gas scooter, clean air filter, wipe plug and make sure gas tank has no debris buildup.

Other Important factors Include:

b. The weight that the scooter is carrying.
c. The terrain that the scooter is going over.

3. How far can X-Treme Scooters Go? That really depends on the output and type. But that is not all. For electric scooters, you need to go a little deeper than just the description.

a. Watts does not always equal power: When you see an electric scooter and it says 250,350,500 and some boast 750 up 1000 watt motors, how can you really be sure youre getting what you paid for? Every electric scooter motor has a plate on it for identification. On the plate is the actual output rating for that motor. I have seen 500 watt scooters listed as 750 and 1000 watt. Be careful.

b. Voltage does not always equal power: If you have the wattage, you need the batteries to support the wattage. In the old days, everything was either an 8 volt or a single 12 volt system. Over the years, x-treme scooters have evolved into 24, 36 and 48 volt systems. Traditional electric scooters these days will have either 12 or 24 volt systems. When you see a 36 volt system that will give you a minute increase in power, but the real advantage is distance and torque. The more voltage, the longer your scooter will run and the more weight your scooter will be able to carry.

Whether you want to do tricks, race, be in the X-Games or are looking for a less expensive way to work, todays X-Treme Scooters will get you farther, faster, higher than ever before. Dont be stuck in the past, move forward and enjoy life to the fullest. Get your X-Treme Scooter and start living. Times are changing and the next thing on the horizon is the WAVE. Will you be left behind?

Don’t want a gas scooter? Learn more about electric scooters instead!


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