Top 20 Most Popular Types of Gowns! 

 December 28, 2019

By  Anna

Gowns have been a part of fashion for a long time and they used to proclaim the status, wealth and social standing of the person wearing it. Women started to wear the best gowns possible and elaborately decorated gowns were made of costly fabric with beautiful embroidery, embellishments and trimmings. In this list you will find 20 of the most popular gowns that are all unique, beautiful an their own way.

1. Evening gowns 

Formal evening gowns are long dresses made of expensive fabric and decorated with beautiful embellishments. They are suitable for wearing on formal occasions.

2. Morning Gowns

Morning gowns are casual long dresses that are worn during the day.

3. Ball Gown

A ball gown is floor-length dress to be worn to formal, black tie and white tie occasions. Ball Gown is the most common silhouette in gowns.

4. Mermaid gown

The Mermaid gown is tight fitted at the hips and thighs but flares out from the knees. The gown is also known as a trumpet gown.

5. A-Line Gown

The A-line gown has a fitted bodice and the skirt flares gently from the waist to the skirt hem, which creates the shape of a capital letter A. It is also known as the princess line gown.

6. Sheath gown

The Sheath gown is a fitted, straight cut dress, often nipped at the waistline with no waist seam. The dress emphasizes the waist as its skirt portion is fitted.

7. Bouffant skirt gown

A bouffant gown is a women’s dress silhouette made of a wide, full skirt resembling a hoop skirt. This skirt usually has a gathered skirt with a very puffy look.


8. Circular skirt gown

The circular skirt gown is fitted at the waist but the skirt is very flared. The skirt of this gown is cut as a circle skirt to achieve this look.

9. Full Skirt Gown

A full skirt is gathered at the waist but is not as puffy as the bouffant skirt gown.

10. Bustle gown

The bustle gown an extra attachment added to the back of the gown and it is in vintage style. Bustles and bustle gowns are rarely worn in contemporary society.

11. Bias cut gown

This gown is cut with the true cross grain of the fabric so that the dress fits the body perfectly and has a good drape.This is achieved in a way that does not add volume at the waist or hips and has a tight fit at the hem.

12. Asymmetrical Gown

This particular gown has an asymmetrical hemline. The most common design features a one shoulder bodice.

13. Tiered gown

The tiered gown has many layers of skirts

14. Panel gown

This gown is made by joining panels of fabrics.

15. Strapless gown

The strapless gown with a bustier/corset bodice without straps or sleeves. It is also called the corset style gown.

16. Backless gown

The type of gown with a backless bodice.

17. Cami gown

A camisole style long dress with a plunging v neckline and thin straps.

18. Empire waist gown

In the Empire waist gown the fitted bodice ends just under the bust and the gathered waist begins from there, which gives the look of a high waist.

19. Maxi Gown

The Maxi gown a casual gown in a flowy fabric, with fitted bodice and loose skirt.

20. Halter neck gown

This gown has a band encircling the neckline connecting to the sleeveless bodice leaving the shoulders and part of the back bare.


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