Top 15 Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns 

 December 10, 2019

By  Anna

Sewing your own stuffed animals is a great DIY sewing project. There are so many possibilities and stuffed animals are always cute and everyone’s favorite. All you need to get started is some instructions and creative ideas. Here I have listed some of the top animal sewing patterns you can get started on.

1.Baby Dino pattern

Everyone loves baby dinos and here is a great opportunity to make one of your own. Instructions here!

2. DIY Totoro Plush

If you are a Totoro fan then this is your chance to make one of your own. The materials are easy and cheap, the instructions are also easy to follow! Details here!

3. Owl Stuffies Tutorial

an owl stuffie can be a great gift for someone, especially if you make it yourself. Here are some really awesome instructions to make your own. Details here!

4. Munster Tutorial

The great thing about DIY crafting is that you can create unique things using your imagination. I have no idea what a Munster is but they look really cool. Instructions here!

5.Hungry Bunny tutorial

This is a really clever and unique sewing project to try. It is really something that catches people’s attention so why not take the time to make one of these hungry bunnies? Instructions!

6. Hungry Monster Tutorial

If you love monster stuffed animals then here is another great and simple instruction to make one. Instructions here!

7.Soft Toy Puppy

This puppy looks really cute and it would certainly be the favorite of any child. The jointed legs make this puppy really unique. Instructions here!

8. Kittens in a Box

This project is certainly cuteness overload and if kittens are your favorite then it is a project you really need to try! Instructions here.

9.Stuffed Squirrel

This small squirrel is about 7 centimeters high so if you are looking for a small DIY sewing project to try then try this one. It is really simple. Instructions!

10. Studio Pup

This cute little pup is made out of faux Sherpa crafting fabric which is a perfect fabric for crafting puppies! Instructions.

11.Tooth Pillow

If you have small children and you would like to create something special then this is the perfect project. Instructions.

12.Farm Friends Tutorial

These stuffed animals are fun to play with for small children and they are really cute as well. So take some time off and make some cute farm friends. Instructions!

13.Stuffed Seahorse!

Why not make a seahorse doll? People often choose the most popular animals to make and poor seahorses get no love. Here is your chance to change that and make a awesome stuffed seahorse doll. Instructions!

14. Sew Bear-y Sweet Pumpkin Teddy

If you are looking for a more advanced sewing project then try this one. Everyone loves teddy bears and this is a great project to get your hands on. Instructions!

15.Bildgewater Bedbug

If you are tired of making ordinary stuffed animals and would like to try something really unique then try this one. This bedbug really does look unique and different from ordinary teddy bears. Instructions!

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