Top 15 sewing tips for perfect dress making! 

 December 27, 2019

By  Anna

It is really awesome to begin your own sewing project to make your own homemade dress but very often the outcome does not meet your expectations. This can be disheartening if you have to discard your work and it can destroy yuor sewing enthusiasm very quickly as well. In order to prevent these from happening you really need to follow these 15 sewing tips for making your own homemade dress and be proud of it when wearing it.

1. Selecting the best fabric

The number one per-requisite for a great looking garment is choosing the best fabric possible. Since quality fabric is expensive you need to figure out exactly how much fabric you need for your project.Source!

2. Prewashing fabric before sewing

Prewashing the fabric is important because most fabrics shrink during washing which will make your finished sewn project unfit for wearing during the first couple of washes. Prewashing is basically hand washing the fabric and drying it out properly. Source!

3. Learning to cut fabric properly

Cutting fabric should always been done using quality scissors. Also make sure fabric is cut on the lengthwise grain for dresses pants skirts etc. Source!

4.Get a quality sewing machine!

An ordinary straight stitch or zig zag sewing machine wil do just fine but it has to endure long hours of stitching. Source!

5. Pressing as you sew

When sewing clothes it is easy to neglect the pressing part. Pressing is a very important aspect of sewing and an iron is necessary to give your clothes a more professional look. Source!

6. Interface where necessary

Interfacing is used to give firmness, stability, weight and strength to fabric surfaces and seams. Interfacing can be used on just about any fabric. Source!

7. Maintaining your sewing machine

If your sewing machine is not taken care of properly then it can make your sewing impossible. You can encounter lots of problems if you have not maintained your sewing machine properly. Source!

8. Making clothes from sewing patterns

Sewing patterns can be store bought or self-drafted Learning to make your own sewing patterns is a crucial part of learning to sew properly. Source!

9.Getting sewing supplies and tools

There are plenty of sewing supplies you need such as tape measure, scissors, pins, chalk, pattern paper and sewing machine of course. But there are many more supplies and tools you could use. Source!

10. Planning  the sequence of stitching in advance

It is better to write down the sequence of your stitching in advance to make it easier to sew and avoid mistakes.Source!

11. Clip and trim seam allowances

If you want the seams to work properly, especially curved seams, the seam allowances should be trimmed to the minimum and clipped at intervals.Source!

12.Buy quality sewing notions and trims

Sewing notions and trims you use on your clothes need to be of high quality. Cheap looking zipper or button can ruin the most well-tailored clothing. Source!

13. Following couture sewing techniques

Delicate invisible stitches are the techniques used to finish the fabric edges. If done correctly it will give the clothing a professional look. Source!

14. Hanging garments before hemming

Before hemming it is important to make sure the fabric has stretched out. This means you need to hang your dress for about 12 hours before starting hemming it. Source!

15. Checking for loose thread trails and trimming away

Loose threads on your clothing is not acceptable really which means you need to painstakingly remove all the start and endings of the seams. Source



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