Top 12 Health and Beauty Coconut Oil Lotions and Creams! 

 December 21, 2019

By  Anna

Coconut oil is really fantastic and everyone should have it in their house because it has so many uses. It has really amazing health properties. It can be used for baking and cooking. It can be used for making lotions, candles and more. Coconut oil has lots of benefits when it comes to health and beauty. So if you want to replace your standard beauty products with natural ones then coconut oil is a must for sure. It is actually very easy and cheap to make your own beauty products.

1.Coconut Oil Eye Cream

This eye cream only has two ingredients: coconut oil and vitamin E. It is really beneficial for treating the dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes. Details.

2. Natural DIY Mascara

Making your own mascara is not only possible but it is easy, safe and healthy for the skin. The cosmetics you buy from the store can have very unhealthy ingredients you really want to avoid. This is an excellent alternative! Details!

3. Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Coconut oil is very useful for damaged and dry hair. It is really easy to make your own moisturizer by combining coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and honey. Details!

4. Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

If you want to have a soothing dry skin and a really wonderful summertime sent then this coconut oil lime sugar scrub is what you need. to make this you only need coconut oil, lime and granulated white sugar. Details!

5. Coconut Oil Hand And Body Scrub

If you want to get rid of dry skin from your body then you need this. It has only 2 ingredients: coconut oil and coffee. Details!

6. Coconut Oil Cuticle Cream

Coconut oil is really beneficial for strong nails. You basically put the coconut oil onto your cuticle and use a cuticle brush to push them back. Details!

7. Honey Whipped DIY Hand Cream

This is a really helpful lotion for those with dry hands that occur during winter months. Since the ingredients are natural you don’t have to worry about preservatives or chemicals. Details!

8. DIY Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Keeping the lips soft and smooth is not easy during the winter months. This lip palm with coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax is really essential. Details!

9. Homemade Winter Skin Lotion

During the winter the skin inevitable gets dry and cracked, which is why you need a special skin lotion. This natural skin lotion with coconut oil, Aquaphor and vitamin E is easy to make and super effective! Details.

10. Homemade Lotion Bars

Homemade lotion bars are really easy to make and you only need to mix together equal parts coconut oil and beeswax, along with some of your favorite essential oils if you want. Details!

11. Coconut Oil Shaving Cream

People use shaving cream on a regular basis. So if you make your own shaving cream, you can save quite a bit of money in the long run. for this homemade shaving cream you just need coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils and sweet almond oil.Details!

12. Coconut And Salt Foot Scrub

To scrub your feet successfully you only need to mix together coconut oil with vitamin E oils, sugar and salt. A great way to get a homemade pedicure. Details!


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