Top 10 Stretching Exercises and Yoga Poses for Pain Relief! 

 December 21, 2019

By  Anna

As we get older we all get wear and tear in our body. Most people don’t do enough daily exercise and physical activity to be fit and healthy as well. It is only a matter of time before people start experiencing chronic pain and if something is not done about it then the problems get worse and worse. It is really essential to get some physical activity every day and also to do stretching exercises to avoid any chronic pain.

1.Doing the Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is really beneficial for the body and should be done regularly!

2. The Malasana Pose

Many people suffer with pelvic and hip problems. This is a really great stretch to help with these problems.

3. The Supine Twist!

If you are struggling with sleep and relaxation then try the Supine Twist pose.

4.The Happy Baby Pose!

This is another great pose for the hips but it has to be done correctly to be effective. Details!

5. The Low Lunge!

This stretching exercise is very popular and I am sure you are familiar with it but very few people actually do it properly. If it is not done properly then you don’t get full benefits out of it. Details.

6. The High Lunge

This exercise as well is very often not done properly and here are some great tips to help you do that! Details!

7.The Pigeon Pose

Arthritis is a very common health problem that people have to deal with and it really restricts everyday activities and mobility. Exercises, such as the pigeon pose is really helpful for those suffering from arthritis. Details!

8. The Baddha Konasana

This is a common yoga pose but often people don’t do it correctly. Here are really great tips to make this pose much more effective! Details!

9.The Cobra Pose!

This pose can be a bit hard to do for some people. So here are some really useful tips to make this stretch easier to do and more effective!

10. The Cat or Cow Pose!

So many people have a bad posture and problems with their neck and spine. This pose is really useful, especially when done properly. Make sure you learn to do them properly.


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