Top 10 Smart Cheat Sheets For Your DIY Home Renovation Projects! 

 December 8, 2019

By  Anna

We all need to renovate our homes from time to time and it takes quite a bit of money, time and energy to get it all done. More and more people are going for the DIY approach which is welcomed. There is nothing better than being hands on in your home renovation project. The problem is that you need to know many basic things to get a great result in the end. For example it is crucial to know the right type of hardwood for your floors, best configuration for your doorway, how much upholstery you need for your chairs, what plants are suitable for your home etc. These cheat sheets here will help you to understand this a lot better

1. Know the types of hardwood!

It is really crucial to distinguish various types of hardwood to pick the right one for your project. This chart will help you to figure out what type of flooring is best for your needs. There are lots of factors to take into account when choosing the type of flooring but this should give you a good idea what you are looking for.

2. Picking the right plants!

Greenery is necessary because it adds natural, welcoming and warm feeling to your home. Plants have shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, clean the air reduce noise, keep you healthy and more. Picking the right plant though can be difficult, especially if you are not a plant expert. This chart will help you to understand what conditions certain types of plants prefer. Source!

3. Colors and Moods to consider

Getting the colors and mood right is a tricky and challenging tasks. You might have some ideas what you want but very often the end result is not what expected. This is why it is necessary to really have a clear understand what work together and what doesn’t. This chart is really helpful and it allows you to imagine the result when using certain color combinations. Source!

4. Types of Window Coverings

When you are properly renovating your home then you need to take into account even the smallest of details. At first knowing the right type of window covering might not be an important thing but it is. It is necessary to know the various types of window coverings there are. You might want a type of covering that you did not know even existed.

5. Color Undertones explained!

There are subtle undertones in various types of paints, like white for example. There are whites with yellowish undertones and white with red undertones and so on. A color that the store may actually not look totally white in your house. This is another detail you really need to be aware of otherwise the result will not be what you might expect.

6. Bed size charts

This cheat sheets helps you to quickly figure out how certain sizes of beds compare to each other and which ones might fit into certain rooms. It is easy the dimensions and measurements with help of the bright colors.

7. Standard Kitchen Dimensions

Getting familiar with standard kitchen dimensions is really helpful when renovating or remodeling your kitchen. This sheet helps you to figure out the clearance en countertops and the islands in the kitchen. You will also how much room you need in terms of width and height. so it is certainly useful for kitchen remodeling. Source!

8. Building a booth!

There are very few booths in residential kitchens but why not build one yourself? you most certainly need one in a restaurant. shows you various types of booths, the proper specifications for ergonomic design, and the components for booth settings. Getting the booth dimensions right is extremely important and this will help you achieve it.

9. Understand drape terminology!

when shopping for drapes then this chart really becomes handy. It will help you to pick the right bottom line you need and important know the right term as well because the store clerk needs to understand exactly what you are looking for.

10. Understand tile patterns

If you are planning to replace the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen then you might have a clear understanding of the pattern you want but you also need to know what its called. This helpful little chart has couple of dozen tile types with names and you need to know this when ordering the tiles.


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