Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Pendants 

 November 16, 2019

By  Anna

The legacy and history of Indian jewelry spans over 5,000 years and it is a striking expression of India’s cultural history and aesthetics. The tiny amount of jewels which have survived from various periods of ancient India, various time periods, texts, literature references, myths and legends show evidence of a tradition that is unmatched in the world.

Indian pendants, along with other jewelry items, are of the highest quality, beauty and craftsmanship. Pendants are on of the oldest recorded bodily adornments in the world, which makes them very special to wear. I have made a list of some of the most magnificent Indian pendants you can get and wear yourself.

Iris Antique Pendant Set

If you have a special occasion coming up and are looking for the perfect pendant to wear then this Irish antique pendant set will be the perfect choice.This pendant is made with high quality CZ stones and the beautiful temple pendant features a design that is highly detailed and fascinating. It is suitable for all formal occasions due to the antique plating and beautifully detailed design. Get it here!

2. Sunheri Antique Pendant Set

The Sunheri Antique pendant is like a pearl in the ocean and shines bright no matter what the occasion might be. The Cubic Zirconia stones, which are used in this pendant grab your attention with it’s magnificent beauty. This pendant can be worn in very special occasions and it can also be paired with flamboyant In dian dresses and lehengas. The pendant comes with the trust of the best antique jewelry craftsmen and the price is very manageable. Get it here!

3. Vale Antique Pendant Set

The Koel antique pendant set is reminiscent of the maharajahs of ancient India. The CZ stones used in this piece are selectively sourced and embedded with meticulous care to keep the high level of detail that this pendant is known for. It is the perfect fit for a summer dress or V neck suit. The design and beauty in this piece are flawless. Get it here!

4. Iravati Pendant Set

This is another fine example of the superb craftsmanship and design beauty. The look of this pendant is really appealing and suits really well to a haute couture wedding collection. Just take some time to admire the beauty and grace of this pendant. Get it here!

5. Udvita Pendant Set

The Tarinika pendant is crafted to be a modern masterpiece and it is perfect for modern women with taste and style. If you have been looking for something ancient with a modern touch then this is it. The pendant goes perfectly together with a simple necklace for a memorable combination.

6. Leya Pendant Set

This white and red pendant has wonderful Kempu and Polki stonework. It is an amazing combination and style and comfort as well. This pendant can be a great compliment to your wedding ensemble. Get it here!

7. Kaisha Pendant Set

This pendant is exquisitely divine and adorned with layers of expert craftsmanship. It can be perfectly paired with a graceful suit or a kanjeevaram. Get it here!

8. Opal Pendant Set

Pendants are perfect for people who enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life and this opal pendant set is no exception. It is ornamented with high-quality stones and is extremely detailed in its texture. This pendant is suitable for every style and type of dress, which makes it perfect for your first pendant. Get it here!

9. Parul Pendant Set

If you love Indian style and culture then you must get this pendant. This antique pendant features the quality and unmatched designs of Tarinika. It is crafted with high quality CZ-stones and it can be worn casually with kurta or saree. Get it here!

10. Krisha Pendant Set

If you have a deep love for pendants then you need to have this wonderful Krisha pendant set in your collection. Gold plating and high quality stones make this pendant really shine and add an elegant texture from all sides. For a perfectly classy look add it to your luxury dress or sari. Get it here!


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