Top 10 Gorgeous Indian Waistbands! 

 November 4, 2019

By  Anna

Indian jewelry is truly gorgeous and spectacular in my opinion. It gives you certain look of agent and raw beauty. Indian Waistbands are unique and they can really insinuate the beauty of the female body. In this list you can find 10 stunning Indian waistbands that you can get and wear yourself.

1. Kanhaiya Antique Waistband

This magnificent waistband takes inspiration from the mellifluous flute playing Lord Krishna. The Kanhaiya Waistband features a large Krishna motif at the centre of the waistband with an incredible nature scenery encompassing the rest of this beautiful piece. It is antique plated, the waistband glitters and radiates a magical aura and beautifully rests on the waist. Source!

Kanhaiya Antique Waistband

2. Adya Antique Waistband

Adya is a waistband like no other. The Antique waistband was made with spectacular CZ stones chosen with utmost care by master craftsmen. It’ll grace and enhance the waistline of a woman in the most sophisticated manner. Best for family affairs and wedding occasions. Source!


3. Mira Antique Waistband

Unique, beautiful and utterly bold, the Mira antique waistband has everlasting brilliance in its CZ stonework. Crafted withmeticulous care, this gorgeous antique jewelry features a traditional Indian look in a modern waistband setting that’ll sure to impress everyone that sees this wonderful piece of art. Source!

Mira Antique Waistband

4.Noshi Waistband

This classical and stylish waistband will elevate your wedding ensemble with its spectacular and impressive CZ stone work. It is best to pair it with any silk saree or quintessential red lehenga. Source!

Noshi Waistband

5. Vibha Waistband

This fauna inspired, beautiful and elegant waistband is gold palted and a perfectly stylish addition to your jewel box. Crafted with cz stones. Fashion it with combination dress or golden embroidery.Source!

Vibha Waistband

6. Ania Waist Band

Indian women love waistbands for the femininity and regal look and they also have a special place in Indian culture and attire that they bring to the look of sarees. This particular waistband is a level above all others because of its unique Gutta Pusalu design. The shine and finish of this piece also make it unique. Details!

Ania Waist Band

7. Diva Waist Band

The full and embellished design of this kamar-bandh waistband makes for the ideal centerpiece of your entire look. This gorgeous kamar-bandh will make you surelythe show-stopper and centerpiece of every party and leave everyone enquiring about it from you. Source!

Diva Waist Band

8. Vasl Waist Band

This waistband has a Gold plated belt made with CZ stones. The Vasl Waist Band is magnificent and has a unique glory to it. Vasl is a special jewel that will take no time to become your prized possession or even obsession. Details!

Vasl Waist Band

9. Aodh Waist Band

The Aodh waistband is one of the most sought after bridal jewelry in the Tarinika collection. It captures hearts with the its fire within. This temple jewelry is antique gold plated and uses cz stone to radiate its aura around. It is ideal for using it on a wedding or other special occasions you might have to really shine and stand out.. Source!

Aodh Waist Band

10. Daha Waist Band

The light and shine of Daha Waist Band is a sight that cannot be undimmed. Made by the expert craftsmen with the use of antique plating and CZ stone, Daha is as very special as its unique and bright name applies. It is one of the finest examples of incredible Indian craftsmanship and artistry Source!

Daha Waist Band


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