Top 10 Best Bag making Fabrics 

 January 13, 2020

By  Anna

1. Home decorating fabrics

For making quality bags you need to have a fabric that looks good and is sturdy as well. Home decorating fabrics that you can find in the upholstery section of your local fabric store that are used for making upholstery draperies and covers, fit the bill really well.Those fabrics are naturally thick and heavy and have plenty of structure to hold a bag upright. Source!

2. Leather

Leather bags are very popular becuase of their elegant look but of course they are expensive as well and can be difficult to saw together.Source!

3. Synthetic Leather & Synthetic suede

Synthetic leather or faux leather Polyurethane (PU) which gives the look of original leather. It is water resistant, easy to maintain and less expensive than real leather. Source!

Top 10 Best Bag making Fabrics
Top 10 Best Bag making Fabrics

4. Vinyl

One of the most used fabrics in bag making is vinyl. There are different types of vinyl, such as clear vinyl and flannel backed vinyl fabric. Source.

5. Outdoor fabric

Outdoor fabrics resist abrasion, are often waterproof and sturdy.Because of their high durability they last a long time. Fabrics such as 1000 denier Cordura Nylon and Sunbrella are often used in bag making.Source!

Top 10 Best Bag making Fabrics
Top 10 Best Bag making Fabrics

6. Cork

cork is also used as an alternative to leather and it is made out of the bark of the cork oak tree.It is soft, pliable and Eco-friendly as well.Source!

7. Canvas

Canvas is a thick plain weave cotton or linen material, that is suitable for making bags. The options are synthetic canvas and also cotton woven canvas.Source!

8. Wool

Wool is also a useful material for bag making because it is sturdy but it can be expensive and not very ethical. Source!

9. Medium weight natural  fabrics

Many fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton fabrics, dressmaking denim and satin can be used for bag making. Source!

10. Neoprene rubber

If you are interested in making beach bags or toiletry bags then neoprene rubber would be the right material.It is waterproof and soft to the touch. Source!


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