Top 10 Beautiful and Stylish Indian Necklaces! 

 November 4, 2019

By  Anna

Indian has a culture that goes back thousands of years and this includes jewelry as well. If you want to have jewelry that stands out and is different from the typical jewelry then you will find lots of unique necklaces from the Indian culture. You don’t have to spend lots of money to look beautiful and stand out if you are willing to go beyond western culture and see what other cultures, such as India, have to offer!

1. Designer light weight gold necklace for women

Gold is widely used in jewelry and in particular in jewelry designs used to make chain, ring, earrings or necklace. Gold has always been the perfect investment for the future and if the gold piece is beautifully designed and crafted, like this one, then even better. Take a look at this beautifully designed Indian styled gold necklace that grabs the attention of everyone who sees it. Source

Top 10 Beautiful and Stylish Indian Necklaces
Top 10 Beautiful and Stylish Indian Necklaces

2. The Wide Band Choker

The choker has really gained popularity in the Western world in the last few years. It has also reached the Indian bride’s trousseau with many brides choosing to go for a choker necklace on their special wedding day and for good reason! The detail of the craftsmanship is really exquisite. Source!

3. Rani Haar

Their long necklaces are single or multi-stringed. The length of the necklaces is what gives them a royal feel. Rani Haar has been a popular style with brides for a very long time in India, and it is typically layered with another necklace to add even more beauty and elegance. Source

Rani Haar necklace

4. Satlada Necklace

It is another style that is become really popular since Sabyasachi started dressing his models many years ago. Satlada has and incredible seven layers of pearls or gems, woven or attached. The smaller versions if it are called Panchlada. It is a big piece of jewelry that cannot be missed and admired.Source!

Satlada Necklace

5. Navratan Necklace

It is a colorful necklace that has 9 different precious and semi-precious gems (ruby, emerald, pearl, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, cat’s eye and hessonite). If you love gems then this necklace is ideal for you to wear no matter what the occasion. Source!

Navratan Necklace

6. Chahel Antique Necklace Set

Chahel Indian necklace combines eternal beauty with exquisiteness. It’s made with fine craftsmanship – using CZ stones and antique plating. It’s a definite head-turner and will be your all time best jewelry item without any doubt. It is ideal to pair it with any solids and simple attire to bring out the crispiness of the necklace set . Source!

Chahel Antique Necklace Set

7. Phool Antique Necklace Set

The combination of modern sensibilities with the rich Indian heritage is what the house of Tarinika is famous and unique for. And this Phool antique necklace set is no exception. The charm of this antique necklace set, with its simplicity and use of gentle pearls all around, is unmatched. It is ideal for those who seek both class and luxury. Source!

Phool Antique Necklace Set

8. Tusti Antique Necklace Set

This necklace set is crafted carefully with delicacy and perfection, It has beautiful kempu stones that reflect its charm and the new antique plating that ties the piece together in a beautiful and unique combination. It is ideal to wear along with any traditional Indian outfit. Details!

Tusti Antique Necklace Set

9. Mathura Antique Necklace Set

The Mathura Necklace Set really brings forth the long heritage of Tarinika craftsmen. It is made in beautiful CZ stones and antique plating and the artistry is simply outstanding in this piece. The set is a classic example of Indian tradition and ritual. It is a must have necklace for everyone who is fascinated with Indian culture and traditions. Details!

Mathura Antique Necklace Set

10. Anivarya Antique Necklace Set

The Anivarya Necklace Set is special because it takes inspiration from the South Indian traditional designs. The Anivarya antique necklace set is painstakingly carved into a design and shape that reflects the beauty and deep traditions of the south of India. It is ideal to wear in traditional Indian weddings along with your best sari or lehenga. Source!

Anivarya Antique Necklace Set


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