Razor E300 Electric Scooter – This Little Guide Will Help You Before You Buy This Scooter 

 October 16, 2020

By  Anna

Razor E300 Electric Scooter is an electric scooter produced by Razor. This is an electric scooter released after E200 and E100. Perhaps this is more perfect than those ones. Some buyers or costumers of Razor E300 Electric Scooter have told about their Razor E300 Electric Scooter and their experiences in using this scooter. I have studied this case and I have taken the conclusions about this scooter. This scooter has advantages but it has some weaknesses too. Before I tell you about my conclusion in this scooter, let's see the specification of this E300 Razor.

The specifications of Razor E300 Electric Scooter are:

- The big size deck and frame, especially for riders ages 12 and older.

- The speeds up to 15 miles per hour, with adjustable speed and it has a quite chain driven motor.

- It uses twist grip acceleration control.

- Hand operated rear brake,

- Folding mechanism for the storage and transport,

- Pneumatic tires with size 10 inch for both of front and rear tires.

- Up to 45 minutes of continuous riding per charge,

- Battery charge time of 8 hours,

- Maximum weight for riders is 220 pounds.

From the product specifications above and some costumer reviews, we can describe about what advantages and weakness of Razor E300 Scooter.


1. Chain Tension

Some people usually start to feel an uncomfortable thing when they drag the brake (when the first run test), but the break adjustment was fine. Be sure to check the chain tension. Some people find the chain tension is too tight when the product comes to your home at the first time. The solution is just to make the chain loosened about 3/4 " at the first run. It will be more comfortable than before.

2. Just for 12 years and older

This scooter is only suitable for 12 years and older. So the ages below these ages is forbidden to use this scooter, surely, it is for safety reason. But I can tell you an advise if your kids, whose ages younger than 12 years, force you to let him try this scooter. You can accompany him to ride it together. But the amount weight of you and your kids has to be less than 220 pounds.


1. Big size deck and frame.

This E300 Electric Scooter has a big size deck and frame. So it is very suitable for scooter riders whose ages are 12 years or older. With this scooter you will be more comfortable.

2. Pneumatic tires with 10 inch size.

This Razor E300 Electric Scooter has a big size of tires. This will make you comfortable when you ride on it. Some costumers said that the tires make a smooth ride.

3. Hand operated break.

This E300 Razor uses hand break. This makes the riders easy to use the brake, and this scooter uses the rear tire brake, so it will minimize the accident when the riders have to stop immediately.

4. Adjustable speed.

This Razor E300 scooter is able to let us to control the speed. When the riders are in the crowded place, it can be controlled to lower speed, so the riders will not crash the others people. And when the rider is in the empty street, he can ride his scooter with the fastest speed. So he will arrive to his destination faster than usual.

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