Electric Scooters: A Matter of Convenience

You just returned home from work. After spending thirty minutes in traffic to go a measly eight miles, your patience is shot.

You have not been home for even an hour when you notice that you need to go to the store to get some necessities. Instead of jumping in your car, you decide to save some gas money, along with your last nerve and take in the sights. It’s only a mile or so to the store, so instead of dealing with traffic, you opt for an alternative mode of transportation and avoid the hassle.

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular due to their energy efficient, environmentally friendly makeup. Without the need for petroleum to power electric scooters, you are helping the environment with every ride. Instead burning fossil fuels and emitting more carbon into the atmosphere, you can do your part in saving our wonderful planet and have fun while you’re doing it.

Most electric scooters have the ability to fold down for easy storage or transport. With this added convenience, you can virtually take your electric scooter anywhere.

Electric scooters are perfect for that short trip. Instead of hopping into the car, burning the gas and dealing with traffic, hop on your electric scooter, turn the key and before you know it, you have arrived at your destination headache free.

Some electric scooters can reach a distance of twenty to thirty miles without needing a charge. If you take the average trip to the store two to three times a week, you will still have enough charge for more trips in between. When you take your automobile on several short distance runs, you are burning more gas with every acceleration. Every time you accelerate, you emit more pollutants into the environment and burn more gas than at a steady speed.

Electric Scooters are your cost effective alternative. Though the price range differs among the different types of electric scooters, it is safe to say that the average 250 watt electric scooter that has a range of about ten to twelve miles per charge will run about $150-$200. For a 350 watt electric scooter that range from twelve to up to twenty miles per charge can set you back a mere $180 to $250. And the bigger 500 watt electric scooters that can average twenty to a whopping 30 miles on a charge will hit you wallet for around $300 to $400. One thing to remember: This is a one time fee, and you don’t have to keep filling up the tank, thereby after a few charges your electric scooter has virtually paid for itself.

Overall, when you look at the cost, efficiency, and overall convenience; you will agree that electrics scooters are one more thing in our lives that are not just a matter of convenience, rather a matter of being practical, which makes us more efficient in the long run. You can’t go wrong. Do your part to save the planet, save some nerves and put that extra cash that you would be putting into your gas tank back in your pocket. Get your electric scooter today.

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