6 DIY Beauty Secrets For Flawless Skin and Hair! 

 December 9, 2019

By  Anna

I am sure you often wonder how some women are able to have such flawless skin and hair? What is their secret? Some women spend thousands of dollars on expensive beauty products that have very little effect and can be harmful in the long run. Well, there are some beauty secrets that women across many cultures have found that keep them looking young and vibrant by using very simple and readily available ingredients. I will show you examples of 6 fantastic DIY beauty secrets that you need to know to make your skin and hair shine.

1. A sake bath for glowing skin

Japanese women have lots of beauty secrets and one of them is sake. As you well know, sake is a very popular drink in Japanese culture but it can also be added to your bath water for glowing skin. The reason why sake is helpful is because it contains kojic acid, which is a fantastic exfoliate. Sake can also help to reduce the discolorations from the sun and various age spots you might have. The next time you have a bath, add it to your water.

2. Coconut oil to tame frizz caused by humidity

In many places where the humidity is very high, such as Singapore, it can really be hard and exhausting on your body. With this high humidity the hair tend to frizz up, which makes it hard to have beautiful flyaways. What women in Singapore do is rub coconut oil into their hair before going to bed and leave the coconut oil in the hair for the duration of the night. In the morning the hair are much more manageable despite the high humidity levels. Try this tip the next time you are in a place with such high humidity.

3. Papaya and Avocado for radiant skin

Want to have beautiful radiant skin? Of course you do, here is a great beauty tip again from Singapore. You simply mash up a papaya or avocado and then rub the mash onto your face, let it sit for 15 minutes or so and wash it off. Both fruits have beneficial oils in them that moisturize the face. Papaya is also a really effective exfoliating agent because of the papain enzyme found in the fruit. This is a great method to use these fruits when they are a little too ripe to eat.

4. Bathe in milk and honey like Cleopatra

You might have heard or even tried this beauty secret yourself because it goes way back to the time of Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra, who famously bathed in milk and honey to have soft and radiant skin. It is also reported that she added rose petals, strawberries, raspberries and lavender to the bath. The milk is useful for the skin because it contains AHA-s ( alpha-hydroxy acids). This helps to gently exfoliate the skin by sloughing off dead skin. This in turn enables new skin tissue to grow.

5. Mud from the Dead Sea as a cleansing.

Taking a mud bath might seem extreme and even ridiculous but the truth is that certain type of mud can have very beneficial effect on your skin. Certain types of mud contain high levels of minerals and minerals are good for the skin. Dead Sea mud is especially famous for its mineral content. Israeli women cover their entire body with the mud from the Dead Sea and then go for a quick dip right in the Dead Sea. Obviously you might not have the luxury of jumping into the Dead Sea, unless you go there but you can buy Dead Sea mud and there are lots of products that use Dead Sea mud.

6. Ginger and honey for wrinkle prevention

Wrinkles are the nightmare for most women and they are willing to do whatever it takes to reduce them. One simple, yet very effective way, to prevent and reduce wrinkles is to use a mixture of honey and ginger. You simply add a bit of water to the honey and ginger and rub it all over your face. The ginger has a revitalizing warmth and honey has a pleasant sweet aroma. This mixture should ideally be applied first thing in the morning and the longer you keep doing it the better the results will be as you get older.


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