11 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas To Try! 

 December 8, 2019

By  Anna

Everyone loves Christmas and one of the best aspects of Christmas that people, especially kids, look forward to is decorating. Decorating the house with Christmas decorations is fun and it really helps to get you into the festive mood. But putting up the same old decorations every single year can be boring. Buying new decorations can, on the other hand, be quite expensive. So the best thing to try this year is to make new Christmas decorations yourself. If you have kids and a large fmaily then this can also be a great way to do something fun together. So it is a win-win for everyone.

1. DIY Tart Pan Tree

If you have some tart pans laying around that you really don’t use anymore then you can put them to good use. So gather up tart pans ranging from 2-12 inches and stack them on top of each other from largest to the smallest. Top it off with a vintage star shaped baking mold and add some wintery snow scene. Source

2. DIY Layered Garland

It is not only pretty to look at but since it is made of grapevine twigs and fresh cedar, it also has a refreshing and delightful aroma. to make this you need to bundle together fresh cedar and grapevine twigs of 12-inches in length. Use green metal wire to hold it all together. repeat this until you have enough to cover the door frame. Also affix the bundles together with green wire in an overlapping pattern. Use hooks and nails to hang over the doorway, also add pine cones and berries.

3. DIY Book Tree

You can make a Christmas tree from basically anything, like books. You can make your bookshelves lok festive with color coordinated “spine” tree. Also use greenery, bottle brush trees and other trinkets of the season between the spines.

4. DIY Mitten Tree

We all have mittens that have lost their matches and a DIY mitten tree is a great way tp put these to good use. This amazing triangular wall display that fits perfectly in the house. Also pin pastel shade pom-pom ornaments to the “branches.”

5. DIY Wooden Spools Wreath

Lots of people have vintage wooden spools laying around and making a wreath out of them is a good way to use them. Having wooden spools wrapped with baker’s twine, an assortment of thread, rickrack and ribbon provide a colorful pop. It is a fantastic way to show your DIY abilities and creativity. Source!

6. DIY Holiday Card Tree

We really are only limited with our imagination. Making a Xmas tree out of holiday cards is a genius idea. You can search your vintage Xmas cards and new cards you received and add them to this timely tree-shaped installation. Also add a galvanized bucket underneath the installation for party favors, gifts and various holiday mail. Source!

7. DIY Ice Skates Wreath

Fur-embellished ice skates filled with evergreen perfectly outfit your door. Another great and simple DIY project to add uniqueness to your house. Also add mini silver ornaments and pom-pom “snowball”to perfectly round out the wall display.

8. DIY Galvanized Funnel Tree

The best DIY projects are can take old and fairly useless items and make something totally new and unique out of them. If you have galvanized funnels available then you can nestle them in assorted sizes to give a festive look to open shelving or counter. Various textures and colors only add to the uniqueness. also string wooden beads on the baker’s twine for the trimming.

9. DIY Dried Citrus Wreath

Natural wreaths really add a great festive atmosphere and feeling to the house during Christmas. I like to use various types of them as much as possible. for example greenery and magnolia leaves pair for a great natural swag. Pine cones and oranges on the other hand add a bit of texture and color. Use understated burlap ribbon to bundle the whole bunch in a beautiful bow. Source!

10. DIY Christmas Stockings

Store bought stocking don’t are certainly not better than making stockings yourself and using them instead. It is really easy to make and a great project fro the whole family. You can find the tutorial for this DIY Christmas stockings project here!

11. Multiple Christmas Mantel Garlands

Why not create colorful and handmade garlands to brighten a plain a boring-looking mantel this Christmas season? You can make several unique garlands that you can make yourself or with the whole family and really make your mantel looking fantastic. It is a simple project to do that takes very little time. You can find it here!


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