Top 10 Stunning DIY IKEA Hacks on a Budget 

 October 29, 2019

By  Anna

Top 10 Stunning DIY IKEA Hacks on a Budget
Top 10 Stunning DIY IKEA Hacks on a Budget

Kitchen redeisgn can be really expensive but it doesn’t have to be . With these ingenious IKEA hacks you can get amazing results in a tight budget. So have a cup of coffee and take a look at these DIY IKEA hacks.

1. Grundtal Rail IKEA Kitchen Hack

Having a place to store cups. mugs and spoons that you use often to make tea and coffee is really important because you want then to be in reach. Installing them directly under the cupboards is a great idea and works really well for most kitchens. Details

2. Kitchen Stool Hack

If you have little room in your kitchen then you need lots of space savings hacks to get more space to your kitchen. These small but comfortable IKEA kitchen stools are perfect for small kitchens because you can push them neatly under the table. Details here!

IKEA kitchen stool

3. IKEA Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

This transportable island is a great solution for small kitchens and it is also very functional. People believe that because of their small kitchens they can’t have a kitchen island but it is not the case. Details

IKEA Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

4. DIY Rustic Chopping Board Hack

This simple IKEA hack takes a standard chopping board and upgrades it into this charmingly rustic board that will look gorgeous displayed in any farmhouse style kitchen! IKEA Kitchen hacks do not get easier. Details

DIY Rustic Chopping Board Hack

5. DIY Open Shelving

You can easily create some practical and stunning open shelving with these gorgeous, industrial style IKEA brackets. Details!

DIY Open Shelving

6. Wall Utensil Holder using Ikea Slatted Bed Base

This incredibly clever hack will make storing small kitchen items like utensils, herbs and ever cookbooks a breeze. Details

Wall Utensil Holder

7. Ikea Bar Cart from Nornas table

Create a stunning white and gold bar cart from the plain looking Nornas table. This clever hack will save you a lot of money and it is a fun DIY project to do. Details

Ikea Bar Cart from Nornas table

8. Grundtal Wine Rack

This is the perfect hack for displaying your wine bottles in the open. By using the Grundtal double towel racks you can create a sturdy stainless steel wine rack. Details

Grundtal Wine Rack

9. Ikea Garbage Drawer Hack

Creating a bigger garbage drawer is really important because no one wants to take out the bins more than once per day. This is a perfect example of how you have to think about functionality when you are designing your kitchen. Details!

Ikea Garbage Drawer Hack

10. Kitchen Utensils Hanger

This hack is a lifesaver because there is never enough space in the kitchen. The outcome is very modern and functional and can fit perfectly to your small kitchen. Details!

Kitchen Utensils Hanger


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